Use marketing to improve the candidate experience

The new generation of recruiters know the power of marketing. We help you as a recruiter take on the role of a marketer and get a handle on the success of your recruitment campaigns.

Social campaigns and Google ads

Start, manage and optimize

Caraer ensures that you can now effortlessly create and manage targeted ad campaigns on social media platforms and in Google search results.

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Campaign results

See clearly how your campaigns are being received

You now get clear reports on how your recruitment campaigns are performing. This allows you to make smart decisions to improve your recruiting strategy.

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Multiposting on Jobboards

Get found

76% of your candidates come in through job boards, so you’re missing a lot if you’re not using them. You can have such a beautiful job site, but if no one shows up, it’s of little use. Therefore, choose a mix between Jobboards and generic traffic.

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A pro tip from our team

"Marketing tasks are just as important within recruitment as your regular tasks. Organizing your marketing well not only attracts more candidates, it also helps you retain them."
Milou Groenteman


All functionalities

All the functionality you need for your working bee

Start and go!

Set your goals, launch your social campaigns easily from and start collecting leads!

Real time data

You are always up to date with the latest statistics of your campaign. This gives you all the control over your campaigns.


You can use data from your ATS about the suitability of your candidates to hone your targeting and optimize your campaigns.

Creating and managing vacancies

Create and manage job postings easily, quickly and strategically. It is no longer necessary to do that in your ATS.

Completely in your style

Your company has branding for a reason. This should also show up on your Work By website. It’s all completely in your unique corporate identity.

Where do your candidates come from

All the data we store is, of course, privacy legislation proof. Also, this data is forwarded to your ATS and your back office in. This way, you can always analyze how effective a campaign or has been.

One-click sharing

Easily post your jobs on a job board of your choice to attract even more candidates. (Possible as of Q3 2021)

Google for Jobs and SEO

No one can be left behind in 2021. If you as a recruiter are not visible on Google for Jobs, your competitor is!

Performance of job boards

You can immediately see which job boards are or are not working for your jobs. This will save you money in the long run.

don’t miss these features

don’t miss these features

don’t miss these features

don’t miss these features

don’t miss these features


See where your candidates are in the hiring process, how many are responding per job posting and what is the next step you need to perform.

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You can integrate with all the major systems you need in your recruitment process such as an ATS, CRM and Google for Jobs.

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A powerful system enriches your recruitment, especially when it works with all your trusted systems.

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