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Why spend hours recruiting top candidates? With Caraer, you are assured of support from job intake to your interview. Oh, and of course within your current workflow 🙌.

Create an unprecedented candidate experience.

From attracting candidates to automating recruitment tasks – all in one app. Caraer helps you create a unique candidate journey to bieden. From tracking the first touchpounts to setting up of your database to automate your recuitment tasks.

Candidate Management

Discover the value of your candidates using lead scoring and identify which applicants deserve priority. Optimize the use of your recruiters by focusing on the most promising candidates, saving you time and money.

Recruitment campaigns

Don’t currently know what to focus on, but planning to spend money on online campaigns? Measure, analyze and optimize your results to maximize effectiveness and attract the best talent. Discover the power of data-driven recruiting.

Findable vacancies

Increase your visibility and reach with your SEO-optimized job postings. Reach more candidates by multiposting to job boards and discover the power of job postings optimized for conversion.

why caraer?

why caraer?

why caraer?

why caraer?

why caraer?

Manage candidates on the go

Always be one step ahead of your candidates

Candidates dashboard

In the candidate dashboard you will find an overview of all your candidates. How many new leads came in, how many candidates received an offer or, conversely, declined an offer? The dashboard gives you insight into the most important statuses of your candidates.

All your candidates 'on the road'

One of the most important questions recruiters ask is, “How easily can I reach the candidate?” With Caraer, you can even simply view any candidate on the go and contact them from here.


What makes or breaks a successful job application process? By using and updating the status flow, you always know the status of your candidates. This way you never miss a deadline and don’t make candidates wait unnecessarily. You can set up the status flow to fit perfectly with your own recruitment process!

Unique recruitment campaigns

Launch campaigns and attract candidates as if you never did anything else

Launching social campaigns

From Caraer, you can easily start a campaign. In today’s job market, candidates no longer come flocking, which is why with Caraer we offer the ability to attract candidates to you yourself with recruitment campaigns.

View campaign data and results

Coming Soon

Do you know the return on investment of your campaigns, what your lasthirecost and what you pay on average for a candidate? In Caraer, you have insight into this data at any time of day.

Build your own Work By website

Every employer brand deserves its own stage. From Caraer you can create a separate Working at website with all the information surrounding your employer brand: from job openings to your company culture, from user stories to forms. All in your own house style.

Findable Vacancies

From now on, everything will work together, rather than alongside each other

ATS integration

We are working hard to synchronize every ATS with Caraer. Is yours not among them yet? Let us know

CRM integration

Want to build relationships with your candidates, keep talent pools warm and collaborate more with your marketing team? Make sure you have a CRM and we’ll make it work with Caraer. Check here to see if your CRM can be linked.

Google for Jobs integration

All of our web pages can be optimized for Google. This will make your job postings more visible!

Stop wasting time on candidates who are not suitable

Stop wasting time on candidates who are not suitable

Stop wasting time on candidates who are not suitable

Work with your hiring tools, not around them

Working with multiple systems, you can’t escape it. But what if we tell you that we can make all your systems work together? For example, we built an integration that allowed us to shoot data from Carerix to HubSpot and visa versa.

This allows our clients to work even more efficiently on building relationships with candidates.

recruiters speak out

recruiters speak out

recruiters speak out

recruiters speak out

recruiters speak out

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